Brockey’s 81 & 84 250R’s

1. How long have you been riding 3 wheelers?
years but left it for quads and been back at 3 wheels for about 3 years now

2. What kinda trikes have you owned and currently own?
Owned 81 250, 83 125 trimoto, honda 125, then quads until I bought 85 200x, 81 250r, 84 250r, 83 125 trimoto, 85 atc 70. Currently have 84 250r and 85 atc 70

3. What kind of, if any, mods do you have done to your trike?
What I have needs work and is stock. The 81 R I sold not too long ago had a few nice parts. Maier flat track fenders, mugen 360 pipe, rickter silencer, k&n filter, 84 R carb, ITP wheels, Clark desert tank

4. How, when and where did you get your Airfooler? Did you get a good price on it?
The 84, $500 for a running machine that needs maintance. The 81 R $400 for a machine that was not running and was beat to death but had a good frame.

5. How much would you say you have invested in it currently?

6. What things do you like most about 3 wheelers?
Most people fear them and think I am crazy until I pass them

7. What do you dislike the most about 3 wheelers?
Getting harder to get parts

8. What is your favorite riding experience – share a story with!
Taking my son out for a ride for the first time and as we are riding my 125 trimoto we spot the atc 70 which he falls in love with and I traded the 125 for it.

9. In your opinion – what is the single best modification for an aircooled 250R?
300r kit

10. Any closing comments? Here is your chance to say anything you want about trikes and/or aircoolers!
No answer given.

Here are some pictures of Brockey’s 81&84 250R’s – please click the thumbnail for a larger version.